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January 19 FEATHERMUCKER at Khyber Pass Cafe

the dream songs project
Alyssa Anderson, voice
Joe Spoelstra, guitars
with Ted Moore on electronics


Khyber Pass Cafe
1571 Grand Ave
St Paul, MN

Over the work’s 50 minute duration, Timothy Otte’s text sets a crumbled, post-apocalyptic world in which he describes the creative process of making idiosyncratic meaning where objective meaning cannot be found. Musically, FEATHERMUCKER is a combination of folk, experimental, and electronic music; cinematic sound fx; and sound art installation. The varied genres represented in FEATHERMUCKER mimic the varied tones and forms in the poetry. The musical and textual themes are constantly being recast in new contexts, forcing a listener to be constantly revising one’s understanding of the material, much like our constant recalibration to the varying messages and contextualizations in contemporary society. Using a programming language called SuperCollider, Moore processes the soprano and guitar in real time to create a third character in the drama of the performance. The middle section of the work features a solo for feeding-back guitar, which, through live processing, gives a sound often considered harsh a rebirth into something beautiful. 

Ted Moore is a composer, sound designer, and educator. His work has been reviewed as “an impressive achievement both artistically and technically” (Jay Gabler, VitaMN), “wonderfully creepy” (Matthew Everett, TC Daily Planet), and “epic” (Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press). Moore’s work focuses on live processing with live performers using SuperCollider. His music has been performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble, Spektral Quartet, Yarn/Wire, The Dream Songs Project, AVIDduo, Firebird Ensemble, and RenegadeEnsemble.

The Dream Songs Project is rooted in creating connections. We believe that by creating connections to our audiences, the music’s creators, the history of voice and guitar, and the way new music can be performed and experienced, we can foster even more meaningful connections that cultivate a passion and excitement for chamber music that lives beyond a single performance. 

Timothy Otte's text has appeared in SAND Journal (Berlin), the minnesota review, Sundog Lit, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Structo (UK), Poetry City USA vol. 5, and Paper Darts, among others. He is a 2014-2015 Loft Mentor Series winner and his work has been performed by actors and musicians across Minnesota.

Click HERE to listen to an excerpt of this piece.

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